Thread: making a file_write function

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    making a file_write function


    Currently I use the following code which works.
    void file_write (){
    	FILE *file;
    	file = fopen("c:\\windows\\Temp\\poop\\toadd.txt", "wt");
    	fprintf (file, "%s", "\nWritten by John");
    	fclose (file);
    However I would like to change it so I can reuse it. I want to be able to pass in a file_path and text_to_write
    file_write (char[] file_path, char[] text_to_write){
                    FILE *file;
    	file = fopen(file_path, wt");
    	fprintf (file, "%s", text_to_write);
    	fclose (file);
    However I don't believe this is the correct way to do it? I get errors. How can I do this?

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    you have missed quot in the second example
    "wt" - should it be

    next time - post your errors as well
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