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    code and comments check

    could someone please check my code and comments (and therefore my thinking) in the following program I think all is correct.


    int main(void)
    char msg[20]; /* 0 to 19 = 20 elements the last element should never be accessed */
    /* its reseved for the \0 so in this case 0 to 18 = 19 elements are */
    /* accessable */

    /* read a string from a stream ie stdin, stops reading when it reads n-1 chars */
    fgets(msg, 19, stdin); /* or a newline character whichever comes first */
    /* fgets retains the \n character which is also copied to the array which is */
    /* terminated by an \0 */


    return 0;

    /* The array msg has 20 elements 0 to 19 this 19th elements should never be accessed */
    /* because it stores the \0(NULL) now fgets reads n-1 chars ie 19-1=18 chars including */
    /* the \n and the \0 therefor fgets has 18 input chars including the \n */

    /* we could exter as many chars as we wanted these would not be stored in the array */
    /* therefore not going past the array bounds but they would still be in the input buffer*/


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    Well you were OK upto the fgets

    if ( fgets(msg, sizeof(msg), stdin) != NULL ) {
        printf( "%s", msg );
    } else {
        printf( "error\n" );
    > fgets reads n-1 chars
    This count includes the \n, if it is in the first (n-1) characters - you don't have to mess about altering your buffer size

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