Thread: How to get names to all files/folders in a folder?

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    How to get names to all files/folders in a folder?

    Hi all!
    I am quite new to ANSI C so here comes a newbee question:
    How to get names to all files/folders in a folder without knowing their names?
    fopen() workes fine when you know the name of the file.
    As far as I have found out this isn't supported in the library but what is the way to solve it?

    Many thanks

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    I don't know of a standard way of doing that. These seems more like a script kind of thing. Why do you want to do this ?
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    I think the library you need is dirent.h
    this will give you functions like opendir() and readdir()
    You might also need sys/stat.h for stat()

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    I have got an application that in a specific situation produces files in a folder and will not stop untill hd is full ( a bugg ofcause) but til the owner of that software has fixed the bugg I want to write a small app that checkes the folder and if it is not empty delete all files. That is why I want to find a way to "browse" a folder and I can imagine that there are more situations that you are interested in finding out the contents of a folder.

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    What is your platform and compiler?
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    There's always the FAQ...

    But if all you're interested in is deleting all the files in a given folder, then a 1-line command file will do the trick.

    You can even schedule it to do it automatically.
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