Thread: Malloc & Calloc difference in terms of memory allocated

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    Malloc & Calloc difference in terms of memory allocated

    Hi People,
    Please find my queries mention below.
    How is memory allocated by malloc?
    Is the memory allocated contiguous? Is so, What if the requested number of bytes are not available contigously?
    Is casting really required?? If u don't cast the pointer what will be the disadvantage?
    What is the difference between calloc and malloc in terms of memory allocation?
    I will be happy if some body could give me a diagramatic representation of the memory allocated by these two functions(calloc & malloc).


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    If you give me the email address of your teacher, I'll save you the work and mail him the answers directly, ok? First, here's our Homework Policy, read it and then ask specific questions while trying to give the answer yourself. You didn't even take the time to formulate the questions yourself, you're simply copied the assignment .. how lazy is that ?

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    > Hai ue yqyadk mxxaomfqp nk ymxxao?
    Mmsuo yaefxk.
    Fmuxuzs ftmf, uf fkbuomxxk mewe ftq OS rad m nus nxaow ar yqyadk (eqhqdmx MB emk), ftqz otabe ftmf gb uzfa eymxxqd myagzfe fa ymfot mofgmx ymxxao omxx

    > Ie ftq yqyadk mxxaomfqp oazfusgage?

    > Ie ea, Wtmf ur ftq dqcgqefqp zgynqd ar nkfqe mdq zaf mhmuxmnxq oazfusagexk?
    Yag sqf NULL nmow.

    > Ie omefuzs dqmxxk dqcgudqp??
    Na - eqq ftq FAQ

    > Ir g paz'f omef ftq bauzfqd itmf iuxx nq ftq puemphmzfmsq?
    Wqxx ur kag oagzf tupuzs qddade m puemphmzfmsq, omefuzs omz tupq ftqeq bdanxqye
    - rmuxgdq fa uzoxgpq efpxun.t
    - mffqybfuzs fa oaybuxq m C bdasdmy iuft m C++ oaybuxqd.

    > Wtmf ue ftq purrqdqzoq nqfiqqz omxxao mzp ymxxao uz fqdye ar yqyadk mxxaomfuaz?
    Nazq mf mxx.
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