Thread: terminating a while loop with a character

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    terminating a while loop with a character

    Hi, I'm trying to write a simple spell-check program where the user enters one word at a time, but I'm having trouble terminating the program when the user is finished. I would like the program to finish accepting input when they user enters a period. This is what I've got, any help would be appreciated.

    #define SIZE 46000
    #define WORD_SIZE 128
    int main( void )
    	// Reads linux.words into buffer array
    	FILE *dict;
    	dict = fopen( "linux.words", "r" );
    	if( ! dict )
    		printf( "Failed to input linux.words\n" );
                    return 1;
    	char buffer[SIZE][WORD_SIZE];
            int i = 0;
            while ( fgets( buffer[i] , SIZE, dict ) != NULL ) {
    	char word[99][29];
    	int j;
    	// This for loop reads one word at a time from the user
    	// and stores the words in an array to be encoded later.
    	for( j=0; j<100; j++ )
    		printf( "Enter a word( . to quit )\n" );
    		fgets( word[j], 31, stdin );
    			if( (strcmp( word[j], "." )) == 1 )
    	return 0;
    With this the program only takes one word and then quits.


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    Yes well
    if( (strcmp( word[j], "." )) == 1 )
    It likely has to do with this. It would be rare for word[j] to contain a string that is just a period. That is the array &#123; '.', '\0' &#125; and not just the character '.' like you were thinking. Something like strchr would serve your purposes better.

    And while you're at it, learn how strcmp works. 1 is not a match.

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    Spell checker ... wow, that brings back a lot of memories. From using simple arrays to tries and the all powerful graph model to store a dictionary to finally dynamic programming and levenshtein distance to find the correct word.

    This could become interesting.

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    > for( j=0; j<100; j++ )
    This overflows the number of words, by one word.

    > fgets( word[j], 31, stdin );
    This overflows the length of a word by a couple of characters.
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