Thread: Wehre to find good header files for C?

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    Cool Wehre to find good header files for C?

    I need soem good header files for this C compiler! it has nothing! nothing i tell you nothgin!! and while your at it can you tell me wheri can get a better compiler? Oh and some game programmin to. I would look for it myself but I cna't find nothing!

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    please please for your own sake, never post a message like this again - i guarantee you will be severely flamed.(oh and read the FAQ) As i am in an exceptionally happy mood however....

    header files contain virtually notyhing useful, they are a few defines and the code you need is in the .lib file if this doesnt come with your compiler it probably wont support it.

    whiler your at it you can tell me....


    you ask for help, not demand it.

    oh and some game programming...
    slow down - if you fail to undertsnad the basic operations of compilers i dont see the next half-life coming along , do you...

    "oh and ", "oh and"
    - not good.

    >>i would look for myself but cant find nothing

    this has to be the board quote of the year. i cant find nothing (ill ignore the grammatical error)
    allow me to intriduce you to a new concept - its called the search engine. There is a heavily abusive answr i could post here, instead i shall quote another member of the board

    "seek and ye shall find"
    Monday - what a way to spend a seventh of your life

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