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    save data in array

    if i was reading from a text file, and would want to save the word in to array. how should i do this?

    char *buffer[]={"aa", "bb", "cc", "dd", "ee", "ff"};
    this is hard coded in the program, but if all the data from aa to ff was initially in another file, and i will need a file pointer to read them out from the text file, how can i save them in array?

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    Well if you knew how many words and how long the biggest word was, you could have

    char buffer[6][3];

    If you know how many words, but not their lengths
    char *buffer[6];

    If you don't know either, then
    char **buffer;

    Anything with a * in it will require use of malloc at some point.

    It's pretty easy to go from a true 2D array to a ** pointer, once you've got the array version working. So I would suggest you start with a really simple known file and try reading those words into a 2D array you know it will fit into.
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    you could use something like this and modify it to work for you
    int main(){
    char farray[200];
    int x;
    FILE *fp;
    fp = fopen("c:\\t3.txt","r");
    if(fp==NULL) printf("NULL);
              while(fgetc(fp) != EOF){
              farray[x]= fgetc(fp);
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