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    I am trying to convert a PR-Tree algorithm from C++ to C (if anyone knows of a ready-made C one I'll be very grateful). However, this algorithm has a lot of templates and classes, is there a way to convert them to C?

    The following is an example:

    #define box_t box_type<coord_t,dim>
    template<class coord_t, size_t dim>
    class box_type {
    	size_t id;  // used as bid of child when act as bounding boxes
    	coord_t lo_[dim];
    	coord_t hi_[dim];
    	// each box has a unique id, assigned by the application.
    	inline bool intersect(box_t& t) {
    		for (size_t i=0; i<dim; i++) {
    			if (t.lo_[i] > hi_[i] || t.hi_[i] < lo_[i]) return false;
    		return true;
    	inline bool contain(box_t& t) {
    		for (size_t i=0; i<dim; i++) {
    			if (t.lo_[i] < lo_[i] || t.hi_[i] > hi_[i]) return false;
    		return true;
    Thanks for helping.


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    Well, you could convert the algorithms present in those member functions into C. What have you tried?

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