Thread: Nearest value in array

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    Nearest value in array


    Say I have a 2D array with some data
    that holds a resistance and what temperature that result gives.

    Now I do a a calculation that gives me a resistance. But in my array i have not got that exact resistance.

    So I need to find the nearest value.

    Whats possible ways to find the nearest value in my array?

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    The nearest value from the table is that one where
    abs( val_calc - val_table ) is smallest.

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    A for loop through the rows, with another for loop to scan through the columns, nested inside the outer row loop (along with the basic math to test each value), is all you'll need.

    You can set a variable "BestValue" to the first index's nearness to the proper value in the table, and then test each value as it's calculated to see if it's closer than the "BestValue" is, so far. If it is, then it becomes the new "BestValue". You'll want to save the BestValue's index number maybe, as well.


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    Thanks Guys.

    No idea why i didn't think of this before.

    Silly me.

    But thanks again.

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