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    while non ended


    I a my server program I have in the main this code:
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
      char ctrl_terminator[3];
      char terminator[3]={'.','.','\n'};
      char msg[BUFLEN];
    /* Other variables and the header of main */
    while (ctrl_terminator != terminator)
       char_recv = recv(newsocketfd, &c, 1, 0);
       while (c !='\n')
          char_recv = recv(newsocketfd, &c, 1, 0); 
        } /* End while (c !='\n') */
        printf("This message is arrived: %s\n",msg);
        if (i > 2)
             strncpy(ctrl_terminator, &msg[i-3], 2);
             ctrl_terminator[3] = '\0';
            } /* End if */
      } /* while (ctrl_terminator != terminator) */
    /* The rest of Main */
    The program work fine; when the telnet establish a connection with server, I can send to server many msg. But if I close my last message with the sequence "..", the while (ctrl_terminator != terminator) is not verified and I don't can exit from loop.

    Sure, I mistake something; but I don't know how to resolve the problem .

    Can You help me ?

    Best Regards

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    In your while condition, you are actually comparing two pointer values against each other, something which can't ever be true (in this situation). Have a look at the function strpbrk which should do exactly what you need:

      char str[] = "This is a sample string";
      char key[] = "aeiou";
      char * pch;
      while ((pch = strpbrk (str, key)) != NULL)

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