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    Mod Division Question

    If I had a date entered in the format yyyymmdd how would I use mod division for example on the years, to cut off the mmdd, and so on. I thought it would be easier to use a string with an array but we haven't covered that in class yet.

    So if anyone knows how would I write the code for 20061010 and print the 2006, 10, and 10, all individually?

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    20061010 / 10000 = 2006
    Guess what 20061010 % 10000 is.
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    like that ?
    int main() {
       long x = 20060106;
       printf("%d, %02d, %02d\n", x/10000, x%10000/100, x%100);

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    Hint: First use % and / separately to read off dd and convert yyyymmdd to yyyymm. Then use the same procedure to read off mm and convert yyyymm to yyyy.

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