Thread: need help with game programming

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    need help with game programming

    hi! am a beginner in programming...
    i need help in programming a game in C...
    ive read about SDL, i cnt understand anything..
    cn u help me more on these do we use them??
    recommend me some sites or books...
    help me plz...

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    i dont know anything about graphical C programming, nor do i have links.

    what i do suggest is if you are a beginner in programming (especially in _general) that you spend alot of time learning the language and basic console programs.

    for example, try and write a basic console Hangman program, something more advanced would be console Minesweeper emember: text-based console game, simple characters and no extra colors for graphics.

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    The first thing you need to do is stop typing like you're mentally deficient. No one likes to read that. Next, if you look around a bit, you'll find there is a Game Programming forum.

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