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    Hey guys im trying to make a horizontal histogram how would i set my loop up so i can print
    the array out

    enter frequencies 2 5 10 4 123

    2 4 5 6 7 8 etc

    i have it printing the horizontal axis of numbers
    0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35

    how would i make that?

    i have already done the input of 20 integers which is stored into an array
    im pretty desperate this is due today

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    The for loop, using the count of the number of integers entered as the stopper for the loop, makes a natural outer loop. Inside this for loop, try a while array element > number++..

    If the array element being looked at is > the number being compared with, then print a '*', otherwise print a newline '\n'.

    For further help, you'll need to post your code, and it's output, so we're not yakking incomprehensible nonsense, guessing.


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    What you want (isn't this the 3rd or 4th thread about the same thing) is the following:

    for (all the numbers in my array)
        i = 0;
        while (i < number from my array)
            print "*"
        print '\n'

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    Two nested for loop would work quite well.

    Also see

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