Thread: Implicit Declaration Warning

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    Implicit Declaration Warning

    I use the snprintf function in my code.I get an implicit declaration of snprintf warning.

    1)What should I do to remove this warning?

    2)What are the reasons for such warning in general?

    3)What does this warning mean?

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    4) Where is your code?
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    I dont have the code right now.Could you please tell me the resons why these warning occur?

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    It means the function is not included in the c headers that you are ummm including. Or you didn't define the function at the beginning of your code. Or you spelled it wrong. Lets just see the code.

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    It means your first use of the snprintf function does not agree with another following usage in terms of paramters, more generally, this is most likely a symptom of having not included <stdio.h>
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    snprintf is C99 (in stdio.h) -- or some extension to C90.
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