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    CGI Design


    Currently im working on a largish CGI script in C, im wondering how I should go around things performance wise.

    A large amount of the content is dynamic, should I... Load 'templates' from files/parse them and then add my values? Or run it as a big program outputting it along the way...

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
    	printf("Content-type: text/html\n\n");
    	printf(	"<html>\n"
    		"<title>&#37;s</title>\n", "Dynamic title!");
    Note the dynamic title... (as an eg), Or should I load a template from a file then parse it (what's best for performance? (I know this depends on how im parsing it)).

    Also, including stdio.h just to read/write to stdin and stdout adds a lot of overhead to my program, Is there a way to reduce this overhead?

    Thanks in advance!

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    RE: CGI Design

    That would all depend on if you want to have your CGI script as re-usable for other websites, or if you just want it to be done for one website and only that website.

    If you want it re-usable, make a file that it will open and read when it begins. This will tell the script things like Title of Site, and other such things. Like a configuration file or something.

    If you don't want it that way, then don't and simply place it directly in your code.

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