Thread: Best way to allocate a struct pointer: malloc or calloc?

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    Exclamation Best way to allocate a struct pointer: malloc or calloc?

    in C++ I can use:
    PHP Code:
    someStruct *pSs = new someStruct
    But in C, which:
    PHP Code:
    someStruct *pSs = (someStruct*)malloc(sizeof(someStruct)); 
    PHP Code:
    someStruct *pSs = (someStruct*)calloc(0sizeof(someStruct)); 
    I'm confused because I see people using both :\
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    Either one works. They both do the same thing in that they allocate a block of memory. The difference is that calloc sets the values to zero, and malloc does not. You will still likely have to go and initialize your pointers manually even if you use calloc however, because a zero value does not necessarily mean NULL.

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    You don't have to cast malloc(), calloc(), or realloc() in C:

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