Thread: problem with floats

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    problem with floats

    i'm having a problem with floats.

    int a, b;
    float percentage;
    // ...
    if (a == b)
    else {
    	percentage = a/(a+b);
    	// check here
    and set bar is defined like this:

    setbar(float percentage);
    but percentage is never a float. if i check it right after i set it (the comment "check here") or within the function setbar, it's either 0 or 1, like it's just an int. the only time it works is if a==b, in which case i tell it to pass 0.5 as the argument. The one thing i notice is that whenever b != 0, percentage is always 0, leading to the conclusion that a/(a+b) is doing the same thing as (int)(a/(a+b))

    what am i doing wrong?

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    Maybe this would be of some help to you.

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    thanks, i finally got it to work.

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