Thread: Undefined array in struct

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    Undefined array in struct

    Hi there.
    I am confused as to why the following piece of code does work:

    struct my_struct
           char my_word[];
           int num;
    int main()
        struct my_struct eg;
        eg.my_word[3] = 'y';
        eg.my_word[67] = 'w';
        printf("\n %c \n %c \n %c \n", eg.my_word[3], eg.my_word[67], eg.my_word[54]);
    The array in the struct is not assigned a maximum size. Outside of a struct this is not allowed. This behaviour is not mentioned in my text book.
    Why is this?

    Many thanks,

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    C99 Extension: Flexible array members.

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    note that in this case my_word[3] overwrites some byte in the num member, and my_word[64] acesses some memory out of bounds...

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    Thanks guys.

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