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    bmp tutorials

    is there any good tutorials on programming C to read/write .Bmp format

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    I bet if you had put that into a search engine you'd have already gotten your answer.

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    I mostly code in basic. I made a prog to pack BMPs into an exe all i really needed was this info: wikipedia windows BMP file format. Unfortunately I cant help you with file commands in C, havent used em yet myself.

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    Very easy to read and write to bmp, open the file in binary read mode, read in what you want, open another file in binary write mode and write it back out.

    Displaying the image is where it gets a little more tricky, for that you need to look into a library that can make a window and allow you to draw to it. Win32 (windows only), or wxWidgets are recommended such libraries.

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    Have a look at's BMP format download:
    Also see's VGA BMP page:

    Finally, if you're not just reading and writing BMPs but also want to display them, you'll also need a graphics library. Besides what Wraithan mentioned, I believe the SDL and Allegro can load BMPs natively. I use the SDL myself.

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