Thread: Getting 'LINK : error : Internal error during SetupPhase' when I execute in VisualC++

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    Unhappy Getting 'LINK : error : Internal error during SetupPhase' when I execute in VisualC++

    I've written a small program that stores information from a list in a .txt file to a structure, which can then be looked up through an array of pointers.
    I finished writing a basic test version of this and compiled it: 0 errors 0 warnings
    Then when I tried to execute the .exe file I got this error:

    --------------------Configuration: lab1 - Win32 Debug--------------------
    LINK : error : Internal error during SetupPhase
      ExceptionCode            = C0000005
      ExceptionFlags           = 00000000
      ExceptionAddress         = 00436134
      NumberParameters         = 00000002
      ExceptionInformation[ 0] = 00000000
      ExceptionInformation[ 1] = 00000018
      Eax    = 00000000  Esp    = 0013F598
      Ebx    = 3FFF9650  Ebp    = 3FFF2E4C
      Ecx    = 00000000  Esi    = 3FFF4030
      Edx    = 3587DA85  Edi    = 00502C49
      Eip    = 00436134  EFlags = 00010202
      SegCs  = 0000001B  SegDs  = 00000023
      SegSs  = 00000023  SegEs  = 00000023
      SegFs  = 0000003B  SegGs  = 00000000
      Dr0    = 0013F598  Dr3    = 3FFF9650
      Dr1    = 3FFF2E4C  Dr6    = 00000000
      Dr2    = 00000000  Dr7    = 00000000
    Error executing link.exe.
    Tool execution canceled by user.
    I'm using the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, anyone know how I can fix this problem?
    I've executed plenty of programs before without this happening. This error is now happening whenever I try to execute any .exe file i've made.

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    Well pasting the error message into a search engine, and doing a bit of reading suggests that you probably need to apply the latest service pack for your compiler.
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