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    Question Doubt in c

    anyone can help me, how to include a "C" file which already contains main() function to another one.

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    Thumbs down not possible

    hi ,,,

    i think according to me it is not possible since there will be a conflict between the main functions

    wish u get an answer for this question

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    there is no need to "include" C-file into another one, in the first place
    it can be done, but there is no need to do it in 99% of the cases
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    Make a project. Use preprocessor conditionals to mark which main block to use. Do not #include 1 .c file in another.
    The preprocessor directives you want are #if, #endif, and #ifdef. There are others you can use too.
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    You can call other C code from your code. Read FAQ about that.


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