Thread: help with pthread_mutex_t

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    help with pthread_mutex_t

    Right, Ive got a 2D array of cells mycell[5][5] and each runs upon its own thread.

    In this thread each cell it to have its own mutex and variable condition.

    I think I am getting a segmentation fault because I have been creating each mutex by

     pthread_mutex_t mutex[r][c]
    where r and c are the row and column of the 2D array.

    So the above code is simply a way of trying to index the mutex belonging to each cell's thread.

    But I now think that when, for example, r = 3 and c = 2, the above code creates a 2D array of mutexes [3][2] instead of a single mutex belonging to mycell[3][2].

    This is where I need some help please! My runner code for each thread is aware of the r and c values so it knows which cell it should be creating a mutex for, but I have no idea how to create a mutex that is indexed to that cell.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Why not have
    struct foo {
        int var;
        pthread_mutex_t mutex;
    } mycell[5][5];
    Each thread is invoked with a pointer to a cell - &mycell[r][c]

    Each thread function casts the void * to a struct foo *ptr

    Then uses ptr->var and ptr->mutex as appropriate.
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