Thread: i want to print a array

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    i want to print a array

    i have written code to print array rain[3][5], the code is like this:
    void f1(float a[][],int c);
    int main(void)
        int a;
        float *b;
        static float rain[3][5]={
        return 0;
    void f1(float a[][],int c)
         int d,d1;
         for (d=0;d<c;d++)
    but i get a error "invalid use of array with unspecified bounds" for "printf("%5.1f",a[d][d1]);" statement. what is the problem? thanks

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    > void f1(float a[][],int c)
    Change the prototype and definition to
    void f1(float a[][5],int c)

    It's only the left-most dimension which can be left empty.
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    timhfx, that is probably the last of a number of errors being reported by the compiler. As a rough rule you should begin by trying to address the errors a compiler reports first because errors detected later may be a side effect of previous ones.

    The first errors you would have received would have been about the declaration of function f1(); when passing multi-dimensional arrays, you can get away with omitting only the first dimension: all of the others have to be specified.

    In your case, f1() should presumably be declared as;
    void f1(float a[][5],int c);
    The implementation, which comes later on, would need to do the same thing.

    Your compiler would almost certainly have complained about these first. How do I know? Because the problem with the printf() call is a side-effect of the earlier errors - despite the fact you didn't bother to look at, or give us information about, those earlier problems.

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