Thread: Dynamically create Identifiers?

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    Question Dynamically create Identifiers?

    I'm working on a little program to read mathematical expressions, solve the equations and print out the answers.

    The problem is that it has to support variables.


    a+2 = 3

    and in the future, while running the program, I may use the value of 'a' ,that's supposed to be calculated by the program from the expression above, to find the value of yet another variable ('b').


    a+b = 5

    I've started to implement the program, but I can't figure out how to dynamically create identifiers with the names of the variables from the equations.

    Does anyone know how I can do this?

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    Sure -- you could have an array like the following
    int variable[26];  /* For variables 'A' - 'Z' (case insensitive) */
    Or a data structure like this
    struct variable_t {
        const char *name;
        double value;
    and then an ordinary array, a dynamically allocated array, or some other data structure.

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