Thread: sizeof behaviour!!

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    Post sizeof behaviour!!

    I have this following program:

    char a[] = "VC";
    char *b = "VC";
    printf("\n %d %d",sizeof(a),sizeof(b));

    Which gives me the 'sizeof' output 3 and 4 for a and b respectively
    3 bytes for 'a' is understandable because we have 'V', 'C' and '\0'.

    Whereas, it '4' bytes for b.
    Now, where does the extra one byte come in for b?


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    sizeof(b) returns the size of a pointer ( 4 on your system ).

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    But both the pointer and the array hold the same content.
    Shouldn't they report the same size?

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    Pointers point.

    There is the size of the pointer (usually fixed for any given machine, it looks like 4 on your machine).
    There is the size of what it points to (which could be huge, say megabytes, but in this case is just 3 bytes).

    sizeof() only ever works on the object itself. You can't use sizeof to tell you how much data a pointer is pointing at.
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