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    Lightbulb All about C programming....!!

    Hi Buddy,
    I found a very useful C site... everything u can get at one place.... and i would like to share it with you guys.. hope it will help you to make ur C better... i am really got benefit from it:


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    > hope it will help you to make ur C better
    I very much doubt it, since the very first thing I see is

    "How to swap two variables without using a third variable ? (Hint: There are 2 proper ways. If you are thinking to do it using arithmetic operation on variables than thats not the proper way because addtion of two variable may cause overflow in result)"

    Please, this ceased to be useful when we came down from the trees and stopped using assembler for everything.

    The rest is nothing but an ad-ridden site of random links to the rest of the web. Some good, some atrocious. Not one mention of the comp.lang.c FAQ as I could see.

    PS - thanks for spamming the site, I've had to go round and delete all your off-topic repeats of this message.
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