Thread: Handling mouse in graphics mode in Turbo C/DOS

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    Handling mouse in graphics mode in Turbo C/DOS

    I am doing a graphics application in Turbo C/DOS.I need to have mouse support in it.I had already posted a question about capturing mouse in a text mode applicatioan and i got the reply i have to do it do it in graphics mode...It is a data entry has number of labels and text boxes.The text boxes are actually rectangles created using bar3d() function in graphics because the rectangle function is not working..The lables are created using simple textout().When I left-click on a 3dbar(text box) , need to set the text cursor there and be able to start typing from there..This way I need to input all the data and save it.That part I think I can manage..I tried my best but could not set the mouse cursor there..I understand that gotoxy() does not work in graphics mode..I am sending the file as attachment..pls go thru it..and give the necessry advice.Thanks in advance..

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    you're best bet would be to use a library like ncurses

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    My first question is, do you REALLY mean DOS, or are you casually referring to that nice black rectangle in the middle of your XP desktop with a C:\> prompt as "DOS" (because that isn't DOS at all).
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