Thread: fgets() and structures issue

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    fgets() and structures issue

    I am having a problem with fgets() waiting for stdin. Any help is appreciated.

    #include <stdio.h>
    struct myPIM
       char firstname[15];
       char lastname[20];
       char homeaddr[30];
       char city[30];
       char state[3];
       long int zip;
       struct myPIM person1;
       printf("Person # 1\n");
       printf("Firstname: ");
       scanf("%s", person1.firstname);
       printf("Lastname: ");
       scanf("%s", person1.lastname);
       printf("Street Address: ");
       fgets(person1.homeaddr, 30, stdin);
       printf("City: ");
       printf("State: ");
       scanf("%s", person1.state);
       printf("Zipcode: ");
       scanf("%ld", &;
       /* print the entered information */
       printf("\n\n*** Your Personal Information ***\n");
       printf("Firstname: %s\n", person1.firstname);
       printf("Lastname: %s\n", person1.lastname);
       printf("Street Address: %s\n", person1.homeaddr);
       printf("City: %s\n",;
       printf("State: %s\n", person1.state);
       printf("ZipCode: %ld\n",;

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    scanf leaves newlines in the stream, causing fgets to pick it up and think it's done. Call fgetc(stdin) to eat the newline.
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    cool thanks for the fast reply. I appreciate it.

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    Or better yet, use

    char buff[BUFSIZ];
    fgets( buff, sizeof buff, stdin );
    To read each line of input.

    When you've validated the data, then convert / copy / whatever the data into your struct.

    Ad-hoc reading directly into the struct without validation is no way to go.
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