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    Post simple program weird result

    Hi fellow C programmers,
    New to programming in C. The code below works fine showing everything except for tracks. It shows 0 tracks no matter what i put in. Can you tell me whats wrong?
    #include <stdio.h>
           char title[20];
           char artist[10];
           int tracks;
           char type[1];
           int price;
           printf("Enter CD Title: \n");
           printf("Enter Artist Name: \n");
           printf("Enter number of tracks on CD: \n");
           printf("Enter 'A' for Album or 'S' for single: \n");
           printf("Enter CD Price: \n");
           printf(" CD Information \n");
           printf(" Title: %s , Artist: %s , Tracks: %d , Album/Single: %s , Price: %d \n",title,artist,tracks,type,price);

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    > fflush(stdin);
    This isn't defined - see the FAQ

    > char type[1];
    You need at least 2 chars to store a string, otherwise you just trash something else.
    Which in your case seems to be the int track;

    Rather than using scanf, just use fgets() to read a whole line, then use sscanf to extract information from the line.
    Then all that need for fflush() and weird scanf usage goes away.
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    >Can you tell me whats wrong?
    Yes. You've discovered a subtle problem with the ordering of your variables and array overflow. When you get here:
    You presumably type 'S' or 'A', right? Well, what actually gets written is 'S' or 'A' to type[0] and 0 to type[1]. However, type doesn't have an index 1, only an index 0. Your compiler happens to store the address of tracks where type[1] would be, so 0 gets written there. Try changing the size of type to 2.

    You also have other problems. Please read our programming FAQ for detailed info.
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    Thanks that helped. I am new to programming so i am learning from VTC video.

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