Thread: Read formatted numbers from a txt file

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    Read formatted numbers from a txt file

    hi all, i'm working on a c program that would sort an array of numbers, and then compare with another text file produced by a sorting program to see if they match.

    Before I dealt with numbers that are in one column, so I just used the code below and it did the job of getting the numbers into an array.

    while ( !feof(streamSorted ) )
    		fscanf_s( streamSorted, "%d", &sorted[sortedSize] );
    Now I have to deal with numbers that has formatting. There are now two columns of numbers instead of just one. First column is random numbers, unsorted, and * marks the end of each group. 2nd column is sorted, and # marks the end of the group. Either column one or two could be empty. For example,

    9 2
    8 3
    10 4
    12 5#
    7* 6
    13 7
    15 8

    I will need to load all of the unsorted groups into an array, and the sorted groups into another one.

    Someone suggested to use fgets() but I don’t exactly see how it can do the job?

    Can someone please point it out? Thanks so much…

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    FAQ > Explanations of... > Why it's bad to use feof() to control a loop
    You could do something like "%d%c" with sscanf following each call to fgets. Then if the character is not a newline, but instead a marker, you could take appropriate action.
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