Thread: Generating data file names from program variables

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    Question Generating data file names from program variables

    Hi Everybody,

    I am writing a C program for numerical scheme. Now, based on the input parameter, I am trying to generate data file name. For example, suppose grid size defined by N is 50 i.e. N = 50, and if I can include this grid size in the data file e.g. ums_50.dat, then as we change the parameters, they will automatically be reflected in the file name. Let's say we make N = 60, then code should generate file ums_60.dat and so on.

    We can also have more than one parameters in the file name. I did write a code which is a bit involved and not giving desired output.

    Any relevant suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thanx in advance.


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    show your code

    use sprintf
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    Hi Vart,
    That was really simple. Getting the required results.
    Thank you so much.
    Here's a snippet I quickly wrote using sprintf().
        int     N,i,j;
        char    string[50];
        double  lambda;
        N       = 100;
        i       = 10;
        j       = 20;
        lambda  = 0.01;
        sprintf( string, "i=%d_j=%d_N=%d_lambda=%0.3f.dat", i,j,N,lambda);
        fp1 = fopen( string, "w" );

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