Thread: Question related to getpid and getppid

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    Question related to getpid and getppid

    Good evening,

    i would like to ask you sthg related to finding the parent's id of a process.

    I need my C program to output e.g. 48 : 47 --> - 34 --> - 2 --> - 0

    where 48 is the id of the process,47 is the parent's id,-34 is the parent's id of the parent of the process etc.

    I do :

    #include <unistd.h>    
    #include <sys/types.h>  
    #include <errno.h>      
    #include <stdio.h>      
    #include <sys/wait.h>   
    #include <stdlib.h>     
    int main() {
    printf("The process id is %d\n",getpid());
    printf("The processes parent's id is %d\n",getppid());
    What shall i do in order to output the parent's,parent id and the other ids?
    Thanks,in advance!

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    Use a pipe and when you fork, pass it to the child.

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    Well,can't i use some other function like getpid and getppid in order to output the desirable result?

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    Are you trying to trace "parentage" back possibly to init (modern UNIX init has pid=1)?
    Or maybe as far as possible...

    getpid and getppid work only in the context of the current process. You can't run them in your process and get the values for some other process. Sorry if I don't get you requirement.
    quzah's advice works great when you are going down to children and "grand"children.

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    Parsing the output of the "ps" command is about the only easy way of figuring out what all the process IDs are.

    And how come you're outputting negative PIDs?
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