Thread: solved , don't look

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    solved , don't look

    problem just solved, thnx.

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    Aww, but now I want to know what the problem was and how you solved it.

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    I question the quality of that book if they use getch(). Since it's a non-standard function, they obviously assume you have a system and compiler that supports their coding style.

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    no , i added the getch() to help me look at the output. Coz whenever i click compile and run in my IDE (DEVC++) it opens the command prompt and my program runs and half a second later it closes. It was for my convenience to use that function. But i didn't know it wasn't a standard. SO before i couldn't figure out why it didn't recognise the function when i use the pacific ms-dos compiler.

    to Brian:
    It was just a stupid question. It was in the book ( i mean teh answer ) but i just forgot thats all. After all i am still 'quite' new to C.

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