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    email in dos

    Hi guys.

    noticed an other post about email in c just what I needed a while back for a program I was writing and never did acheive this so please can someone help me out,
    how can I send email in c in dos running windows 95 also I could also do with finding out how to do this in a c program running on windows 95 not in dos is it possible to do these tasks using the system() function and what does the system() function need.

    thanks for the the help.
    learner wanting to be a master.

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    System commands are slow, and I don't think there are any system commands for it.

    If you have DJGPP I think you can use sockets, do a search on Yahoo for Sockets C Tutorial. I found a good one a while ago. You connect to the SMTP server and do "HELO" and all that crap. There is a tutorial on SMTP at in the tutorial libraries (though that site is more hacking orientated).

    It's actually quite simple once you copy the code from the socket tutorial.

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    okay I found the direct links.

    SMTP Tutorial

    Sockets Tutorial

    Just bundle the two together, and you can send email

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    Here's a simpler tutorial on sockets, the last one was pretty advanced

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    hmm actually I think they work only in Unix/Linux :/

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    Put your thread on the section "DOS-programming"!

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