Thread: accessing Delphi written file

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    accessing Delphi written file

    hello everybody

    i am new to this forum. one thing that's eating me up rt now is how to add library file in Delphi (with extension .tlb) to a C program. i want to access the functions written in this Delphi written library file

    thank you

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    Which C compiler are you using?

    If it's not made by the same people who made your delphi compiler, chances are it's going to be a lot harder to do (or impossible).

    If they are made by the same people, then look in the documentation for "mixed language" programs, and how to build them.

    At the very least, you need to provide a lot more detail in your questions.
    And some indication of the things you've tried.
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    thanx for ur reply

    well let me explain the things in detail. i have a device and it connects to computer via RS2332 port. all the functions of the device are coded in Delphi language. the extension of the file is".TLB". i am successfull in adding this delphi file to my VB project. I used all the funtions written in the delphi file by creating the object and accessing the function in VB project.

    Now i want to try with C/C++ programming.

    I hope I am clear now.

    Hoping for the response. it's kind of urgent

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    tlb is a typelibrary
    you can access it using COM

    maybe this link wiil be usefull
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