Thread: Scanning Data into a structure from a File

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    Scanning Data into a structure from a File

    Can anybody help me understand why this isn't working correctly, I'm attempting to scan in the data from a command line file. I am storing the data in structures but every time I compile and run, the program never ends, it gets caught in a never ending loop, but I don't know why.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #define STR_SIZE 25
    #define ARR_SIZE 10
    typedef struct
     char fName[STR_SIZE];
     char lName[STR_SIZE];
    typedef struct
     char month[STR_SIZE];
     int date;
     int year;
    typedef struct
     NAME name;
     int level;
     char ssn;
     DATE birthdate;
    int fillArray(FILE *inf, STUREC arr[]);
    void sortArray(STUREC arr[], int numEls);
    void swap(STUREC *stu1, STUREC *stu2);
    void printArray(STUREC arr[], int numEls);
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
       int numEls;
       STUREC arr[ARR_SIZE];
       FILE *inf;
       inf = fopen(argv[1], "r");
       numEls = fillArray(inf, arr);
       printArray(arr, numEls);
       //sortArray(arr, numEls);
       printArray(arr, numEls);
       return 0;
    int fillArray(FILE *inf, STUREC arr[])
      int ElsCnt = 0;
      int ef;
      printf("\nProgramers Name: \n\n");
      //while (inf != NULL)
        while ((ef= fgetc(inf)) !=EOF)
         fscanf(inf, "%s %s %d %s %s %d, %d", arr->name.fName, 
                                              &arr->level, &arr->ssn, 
         ElsCnt  ++;
      return ElsCnt;
    void printArray(STUREC arr[], int numEls)
      printf("%20s %10s %15s %15s", "Name", "Level", "SSN", "Birthdate\n");
      printf("%20s %10s %15s %15s", "----", "-----", "---", "---------\n");
      /*printf("%10s%10s%10d%15s%10s/%2d/%2d", arr->name.fName,
                                             arr->level, arr->ssn,
    I'm guessing it has to do with the "while (inf !=NULL)" line, But I don't know how to implement eof into c? ...or can you?

    EDIT: Ok, fixed that (I think) (check code)
    but now I'm having trouble storing the elements in an array. I'd assume you just use a for loop?
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    &arr stores everything into first element
    use arr++ to move to the next element

    But you also heed an array size in your function to check that you don't get out of bounds

    In your print function - yes you need a for loop
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    You have many problems. You aren't indexing your array at all. You also are skipping one character each time your loop executes, which I doubt is what you want. Why don't you just use fscanf's return value to control your loop? You don't magically move through an array just because you use its name.

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