Thread: Re-writing the same line

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    Re-writing the same line

    I've written a small file server/client for *nix and I'm just clearing the rough edges:
    The program reports the percentage of the file that has been transfered but it writes a new line every time it refreshes the value like this:
    My doubt is how do I make it simply "update" the value without creating an new line (I know curses would probably do it,even though I've never used it) but this is a very tiny program and it would get "bloated" if I had to include the whole curses library, plus I only want to use that particular feature.

    Any suggestions?


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    printing backspaces ( char 9 ) might help.

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    printf("%02d%%\b\b\b", percentage);
    fflush( stdout );
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    Doh! Didn't know you could "print" backspaces...
    Silly me, thanks for the help!

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