Thread: how to read each line in text??

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    how to read each line in text??


    I want to read a line in a file1.txt and check if the first letter contains 'a' or 's' , then print it in another file file2.txt.

    I am trying it by fread and fwrite.

    I did it for single line in file1.txt.
    ie., I define character string to 100 characters , as char c[100];

    I restrict to read a line of 20 characters only. ie. fread(c,1,20,file2);

    but, I cann't able to read the next line to check whether it stars with 'a' or 's'.

    what can i do to read each line in the file1.txt file.

    thank you.

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    The thing with fread is that is reads 20 objets of 1 byte, so therefore you may or may not be reading a line every time (as it could read in the newline character and then it would continue on the next line). What you really want is fgets. That'll do the job for you.
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    I prefer to use fgets() for reading text files, but it's your call.
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