Thread: Structure Problem! (Help!!)

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    Unhappy Structure Problem! (Help!!)

    [B]I've been trying to create a system using structures, when the user presses a corresponding number, a name, and subsequently details can be printed..[

    But, after a few attempts..after compiling, it just 'crashes'...can anyone help me?/B]
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    /*This is where I state my structure*/
    struct cities {
      char George;
      char Tom;
      char Luke;
      char Mike;
    int (input);
    int main(void)
        /* The input area for the user to decide*/
        printf("\nWhich city would you like to know a little something about?");
        printf("\n For George press 1\n Tom press 2\n Luke press 3\n Mike press 4\n");
        if (input == 1) 
            if (input == 2) 
             if (input == 3) 
            if (input ==4)
            printf("\n Mike\n",Mike);
      return 0;
    Any help would be appreciated!!!


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    Really simple. You need to pass the address of 'input' to scanf() and not the object itself. Therefore, you want to have '&input' and not just 'input' in there. Besides, it is useless and more confusing than anything to surround variables with parenthesis when you are declaring variables.

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    > int (input);
    I don't think these parentheses do much for you either.
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