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    atexit function

    I am using the atexit function for one of my c codes and everything works fine except I get an error message from the compiler which reads:

    warning C4113: 'void (__cdecl *)()' differs in parameter lists from 'void (__cdecl *)(void)'

    What does this mean? It refers to this line of code:
    I have tried to prototype this but it brings more warnings. Maybe I am doing this wrong. What would be your coding to prototype this function?



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    Are you compiling your C code with a C++ compiler?
    The function passed to atexit needs to be a C function, not something name mangled by a C++ compiler.
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    Did you prototype your function like this
    void thank_you();
    rather than like this?
    void thank_you(void);
    There's a difference. void inside the parameter list means, to C and C++ compilers, that the function takes no parameters. Nothing inside the parameters list means (to a C compiler) that no information about the parameters is available -- the function could take no arguments or twenty. (To a C++ compiler, nothing inside the argument list is the same as void.)

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