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    Linker error

    I have included a header file in my c-file, laying in the same folder. The header file refers to a function in another c-file, also in the same folder. But when I try to call that function it is not found, it says "undefined reference to ...". How do I do to make my compiler find the function? Why shouldn't I just include the other c-file in my first c-file as well as the header file? Wouldn't it be like splitting up a large c-file into a couple of smaller files?

    I am using WinXP and DevCpp.

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    You add both source files to your project.
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    Hmm, post some code, it will be easier to find the solution with some solid code.

    On a side note, did you set the program up as a "project"? If not, you will not be able to link the files together anyway
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    Thanks! I'v never thought of making a project before.

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