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    GCC help

    Hi, I'm using GCC on windows and want to know where on my computer the gcc location that i'm using is linking to. I remeber installing gcc and then cygwin(which had gcc in it aswell) and i'm not sure which one my command prompt is using. I need to know the location so that i know where to place the appropriate OpenGL librariers. Also, where abouts in the gcc file structure do i place the OpenGL headers and libraries?


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    Start -> Run -> cmd (or command on older versions) -> path <enter>

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    Ok thanks for that. It looks like my gcc is working from cygwin/bin.

    it appears that the gcc libraries are located in C:\cygwin\lib\gcc-lib and inside folders "i686-pc-cygwin" or "i686-pc-mingw32" . Inside both of these is a folder called lib which contains float.h , stdbool.h etc . is this where open GL header files would go?

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