Thread: Need help managing user input

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    Need help managing user input

    Hey Everyone,

    I have an assignment to take an average of x numbers entered by the user. The problem I have is that I don't know how to read an undetermined number of user inputted numbers into separate int variables. If I knew the amount of numbers the user was going to enter, then i'd use the following code to handle it...

    #include <stdio.h>
    char line[50];
    int number[3];
    int main()
           printf("Enter 3 numbers: ");
           fgets(line, sizeof (line), stdin);
           sscanf(line, "%d %d %d", &number[0], &number[1], &number[2]);
    How do I break up the user entered string into separate int variables without knowing how many numbers the user is going to enter?


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    Look up the strtol() function.

    One of it's parameters allows it to return a pointer to where it got to in the line. Use this to advance your way along the line until you get to the end.

    You can achieve the same effect by using the %n conversion in sscanf.
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    Hey thanks a lot, Salem. I'll give that function a try.

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