Thread: I need to play a pre recorded vox file using C

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    Thumbs up I need to play a pre recorded vox file using C

    hi all,
    kindly and/or patiently read atleast first few lines and can help me by giving any suggession/soluion for this bellow mentioned issue.

    THANKZ in advance

    I need to play a pre recorded vox file whenever we detects a Positive Answering Machine after dialing a telephone number.But here constraint is we need to play the vox file only after the beep which is at the end of the client's answering machine message.we have API functions to detect Answering Machine and as well as API function for playing a vox file.So here the major issue is how to identify or detect the beep in message from answering machine.

    The two API functions used are :

    1.For detecting Answering Machine :
    Name : long ATDX_CONNTYPE(chdev)

    ATDX_CONNTYPE( ) - returns the connection type for a completed call

    Inputs: int chdev (valid Dialogic channel device handle )

    connection type (if succeess)
    AT_FAILURE (if error)

    Includes: srllib.h , dxxxlib.h
    Category: Extended Attribute

    Description : ATDX_CONNTYPE( chdev )
    Above function Returns a connection named CON_PAMD when Answering machine detects
    chdev : specifies the valid channel device handle obtained when the channel was opened using dx_open( ).

    2.For playing a vox file :

    Name: int dx_play(chdev,iottp,tptp,mode)

    int chdev ( valid Dialogic channel device handle )
    DX_IOTT *iottp (pointer to I/O Transfer Table Structure )
    DV_TPT *tptp ( pointer to Termination Parameter Table Structure )
    unsigned short mode (asynchronous/synchronous playing mode bit mask for this play session)

    0 if success
    -1 if failure

    Includes: srllib.h , dxxxlib.h
    Category: I/O
    Mode: synchronous/asynchronous

    Whats all above means : I have involved in a softwares product development in telecommunications pertain to CTI(computer telephony integration).

    The Things Used in Are :

    Language : C

    O.S : windows2000professional.

    C compiler : VC++6.0

    Boards Used for Dialing : Dialogic board(D/240SC-2T1)

    softwares : System Release Software 5.1.1(Dialogic A.P.I) to operate dialogic boars for dialing , recording call conversation and for all other related purpose.

    Special API used : Win32 API

    I am hopefully awaiting for your response.

    Thanking you.

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    standard frequency and duration of the beep in the end of any Answering Machine messa

    Hi all,

    previous Title: I need to play a pre recorded vox file using C

    With above title I have placed a blog just before an Hour,Please any one can help me.

    I have got some idea just now regarding the previous blog placed by me with title: I need to play a pre recorded vox file using C that is ,

    I got a function for beep is
    Beep(int frequency,int 'duration in milli sec')

    Now the updated Issue: I am assuming that you have read my previous blog just before this with a title: I need to play a pre recorded vox file using C
    If I can get the the frequency and duration of the beep which is playing at the end of Answering Machine message then by comparing those frequency and duration fo beep with our function with those parameters Beep( frequency , duration ) and then we can Play the vox file. So...............

    So I want the standard frequency and duration of the beep in the end of any Answering Machine message

    I hope U all got this....waiting for reply,

    Thanking U,

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    Um, lol? You want us to do you job for you? Your homework for you? What exactly? Wait a minute... You want me to help you make a tele-marketing machine? Are you out of you mind?

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    m.sudhakar, I think I'm going to put your whole message in my sig

    EDIT: Not anymore after the merge. But let it be recorded that I found your request for the standard frequency of the beep at the end of any answering machine a real keeper. Sig stuff.
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