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    Unhappy need some help on email sending in C programming


    itslike this, we're working on this project a evaluation program for students and teachers to evaluate done courses etc, and one of the demands was that the program would send a mail to the teacher running the course when 90% of the registered students had done a evaluation, thing is I cant find anything on how to send a mail through C-code, I've tried custom System(" ") commands with pine and sendmail, but none will work, sendmail requiers root, and that means entering a password etc, pine requires you to type a msg every time, also tried "sudo" commando, and still requires you to enter a password. I really need your help and I would really appreciate it.

    A guy in need of help.

    ps ..

    We're running linux red hat.

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    I dont do Linux coding, need to learn how to work with sockets

    Then a quick & dirty method;

    Connect to your SMTP server on port 25 .....(server could be

    send the following strings and end each with '\r\n'..

    MAIL FROM:<your email address>
    RCPT TO:<reciever's email address>
    FROM:Your name
    TO:reciever's name
    Blah blah blah
    Then send '\r\n' twice and send;

    Substitute the italic parts for info specific to the email...

    This is off the top of my head, so I havent tested it.....try it on Telnet and substitute each '\r\n' for the ENTER key

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    What about 'mail', 'Mail' or 'mailx' via a system("") call?

    I seem to remember something like this...
    system( "mail -s subject user@host < message.txt" );

    I would be mildly surprised if say pine did not have a non-interactive mode - getting programs to send email is a fairly common thing.

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    Cool Using sendmail from C

    Don't mess with sockets and crap! It's really a very simple problem.

    Sendmail doesn't require root, of course it doesn't since the mail system and each user calls it! I use sendmail from my C programs all the time.

    Find out where sendmail is on your system.
    Typically /usr/lib/sendmail but sometimes /usr/bin/sendmail or /usr/sbin/sendmail (sometimes it's linked from one to the other so it doesn't matter).

    To avoid dangerous security situations where an argument from a user (passed from a web page for example) includes escape sequences that can execute arbitrary commands (a BAD THING) don't pass any user arguments to sendmail. Instead, call sendmail with the -t option, this means you will have the recipient specified in the file. So, write a temp file with the email header and body in it, and then pass it to sendmail.

    The temp message file should look like this:

    Subject: This is my email program

    This is the message body blah blah blah

    NOTE: The temp message file includes the actual MIME headers that sendmail expects, so it's important that they are written in the file just like that -- Initial capital letter, space, colon, etc. Also, the blank line after the Subject: is very important -- the blank line signals the end
    of the MIME header and the beginning of the body.

    Once your program has generated the temp file, use a system call to sendmail to push it out the door:

    system( "/usr/lib/sendmail -t < mytempfile.txt" );

    Note the "less than" sign means for sendmail to
    read its input from that file.

    For the system() call, make sure you #include <stdlib.h>

    Thats it -- let me know if it works out for you.


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    Lightbulb Mail in C code

    To Walter:

    Tnx for the help, it works ! I dunno how many hours I've spent trying to find a solution that would work. thanks all you guy who helped me out on this one.

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    Fordy, can you tell little more about your way of doing that?
    Any reference doc from we.. and sample code.. will be helpfull.

    How / where to put your given code?
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