Thread: Sending SMS using PIC18F452

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    Sending SMS using PIC18F452

    void sendAT()
    	TRISB = 0x00;		    //initialize PORTB as output
    	PORTB = 0x00;	
    	PIR1bits.RCIF = 0x00;	    //Clear PORTB 
    	printf("at+cnmi = 2,2,0,0,1\r\n");
                    Delay10KTCYx(100);                     //Delay
    	while (!PIR1bits.RCIF)	     //Test to see if AT command is sent
    	continue;			     //looping
    	PORTB = PIR1bits.RCIF; 				
                    //LED of RBO will light up if command is sent
    	return RCREG;		    //Return RCREG value
    This is a coding i've created...i need to know how to amend the printf line above to send sms.
    The AT command is: 
    AT+CMGS="+yyyyy" <Enter>
    > Your SMS text message here <Ctrl-Z>
    Does anyone out there know how do i input this AT command into the printf line?

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    Have you tried \" ?
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