Thread: About C programming help on file handling

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    About C programming help on file handling

    Hi, I am relatively new to programming enviroment.

    I want to ask something regarding file handling. My problem is as follows:

    My program is to read from a file named "input.txt." The input consists of T test cases. The number of test cases T is given in the first line of the file. For each test case, two strings and x and y (|x|<50, |y|<50) are given in the first and the second line, respectively. The alphabet is the set of the lowercase English characters.

    My program is to write to a file named "output.txt." For each case, print an value s of x and y in the first line and its length in the second line, respectively. Note that there can be more than one value but I should print only one.

    The following shows sample input and output for two test cases.
    2 ( Since value at line 1 is 2, four data possible)
    ababc (1st character string)
    bcba ( 2nd character string)
    aabbabab (3rd character String)
    abababa (4th character String)

    bc (/ba/bb) ( Comparing 1st character String and 2nd character String)
    abbaba (/ababab) ( Comparing 3rd character string and 4th character string)

    can anyone help me solving this problem.

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    Well what have you managed to achieve so far?

    A good first program is to read the whole file and print it straight back unmodified (which proves you can a) read the file and b) read it properly).
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    can anyone help me solving this problem.

    Sure we can.

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