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    linker errors

    my error:
    Bad object file record in module c:\tc\lib\graphics.lib

    what i did?:
    tlib graphics+c:\tc\bgi\egavga.bgi

    tlink chart.obj,c:\tc\bgi\egavga.bgi,c;\tc\lib\graphics. lib

    now that error is coming.what should i do?

    What i want to do :
    I have done a program which takes bmp image(chart) as background and plot lines on it.for this i have to give two files to my clint chart.exe and egavga.bgi.I want to minimise this by adding egavga.bgi to my exe and give him just exe file.what should i do to achieved this?Help me, iam strucked

    my environment:
    windows xp,tc 3.0

    do you think that svga is better than egavga?one more doubt is that when i just detect the graph i looks only for egavga why not svga or somether me

    Thanks in advance

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    Bad object file record in module c:\tc\lib\graphics.lib
    Your library file is buggy
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    > windows xp,tc 3.0
    Well there's your problem!
    Using fossil-ware compiler on your nice new machine.
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    Upgrade to Dev-C++, Code::Blocks, etc. If you like Borland, they have just came out with a new compiler. BTW, this is such a common problem (having fossilware TC) that mayhaps it should be added to the FAQ?
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