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    Segmentation error

    Hello, I keep getting a segmentation error in this code

    I'm trying to get two values (from two lines) in a seperate out file, set them equal to a value, and then use them for calculations. But I cant really get that far. Any help?

    -bash-3.00$ ./a.out
    Name: My Name
    str1 = (null)
    Segmentation fault
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdbool.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    void displayName(void);
    bool openFile(FILE *fIn, FILE *fOut);
    int main(void) {
       FILE *fIn, *fOut;
       openFile(fIn, fOut);
       return 0;
    void displayName(void) {
       printf("\nName: My Name\n\n");
    bool openFile(FILE *fIn, FILE *fOut) {
       int str1, str2;
       if ((fIn = fopen("test.txt", "r")) != NULL) {
           if ((fOut = fopen("out.txt", "w")) != NULL) {
              fscanf(fIn, "%s\n%s", str1, str2);
           printf("\nstr1 = %s", str1);
           printf("\nstr2 = %s", str2);
              printf("\nUnable to open \"out\" for writing.");
           printf("\nUnable to open \"test\" for reading.");

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    add a return statement to your bool function see if that helps

    edit: ahh there you go, kennedy helped!

    when i see these questions i usually try to compile myself and stop at the first error, which is what i did in this case, leaving me to study the rest of program and the function he caught! nice
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    >fscanf(fIn, "%s\n%s", str1, str2);

    This is wrong. %s is the modifier for char *, not int. str1 and str2 are uninitialized, therefore, you are randomly trashing memory.

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    Edit, I fixed my second question!

    Thanks much!

    But the fscanf function is correct right? I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting a segmentation error after the value of str1 is displayed =/
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    As Kennedy said, fscanf() is expecting two char*s, not two ints. If you want to read ints, pass the address of the two ints:
    fscanf(fIn, "%d%d", &str1, &str2);  /* maybe change the names of the variables, too */
    If you want to read in two strings, make str1 and str2 arrays of characters.
    char str1[something], str2[something];

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    There we go thanks!

    I had it halfway right and kept getting a seg error. I changed it back to ints completely and it works.

    I <3 y'all


    Kennedy, you're advice got me there, it was my own stupid error that messed me up afterwards :P

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