Thread: how to print the content of two dimension array on a grid

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    how to print the content of two dimension array on a grid

    Hi everyone, i have a two-dimension array and i want to display its value on the grid like the following pattern :

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
    a| | | | | | | |A| A|A|
    b | | | | | B| | | | | |
    c | | | | | B| |C| | |F|
    d | | | | | B| |C| | |F|
    e | | | | | | |C| | |F|

    Suppose i have a two-dimension array called a and i want to display its value on the grid.

    Please do not care about the line from 1 to 0 (it represents for the column of the array) and from a to e (it represents for the row of the array).For example, the value of cell with the coordinate a8 is the same with value of the element [0][7] of the array.The array will be initialized random by the user.The user just enter the value for each element and it will display on the grid.Please give me some glue to do that.Thanks in advanced

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    printf() using the %<field width><data type> modifiers.

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    Start with two nested for loops.

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    If you look at different ascii char's, you may find one's you like a lot better. Anyway:

    There's a zillion ways to do this, Kennedy's suggestion of using the width modifier in printf(), is VERY good. Just "take control" of where the cursor is on the page. You want it to print something there - you tell it. You want it to move to the next column, you tell it to print a space char (ascii 32).

    If you post up your code, we can help a lot more.

    for a 2D array, I usually use something like this, in pseudocode:
    print the Grid header
    print a string of '=' to separate it from the grid printout below
    for(row = 1 row < MaxRow r++) {
       for(col = 1 col < MaxCol col++) {
           print left margin of spaces (char 32)
           print left column of IDentifiers
           print a space
           print a row of top markers for your first row
           print newline
           print left side vertical sqr separator
           print a row of array contents, between each
           subscript value, print a sqr separator (maybe a vertical line)
           print a newline '\n'
       } /* end of for col... */    
    } /* end of for row... */
    That should get you going.

    Note: When I'm printing a grid, I frequently want it to start with the 1 row, not the zero row. You do it as seems best to you.

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